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MusicMessage is a new project of "Kabelguy". In order to support free music and free culture he is playing three hours of Creative Commons licensed music every two weeks at a small coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Kableguy is trying to promote creative commons artists by playing tracks from from various websites, and to support is a dedicated chart-website promoting Creative Commons licensed music and podcasts. Once a song is submitted,users can vote for it resulting in a chart of currently popular Creative Commons music. has a daily exposure podcast, playing one new track every day, a weekly podcast, playing the last week of tracks played on the podcast, plus the top rated three tracks from the previous week. There is also a monthly podcast which features the top rated tracks over the whole system. Please Go to the site, listen to the shows and vote!

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  The url is:

musicmessage.mp3 @ giss(is not)tv

I like to share creative commons music. You can vote for many of the played tracks on