NEXT PROGRAM :: Saturday, April 13, 2013-6PM-9PM
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Open Mics Austin

This space is dedicated to the proliferation of the joys and passions of free speech as they take their shape and form in and around Austin, TX, USA in the manner of poetry open mics, where musicians and poets share and perform their work.

We sincerely hope you like what you see and hear and can take something from it to brighten your days and nights. Pass it on.

In joy.


Open Mics Austin


Please let us/me know via the IRC chat window if you are having problems with the sound during the streaming of the video. If it is too much of a concern, I will swap it out for audio only. They are poets, mind you who don't move too much, and their words are what REALLY matter.

So please use the IRC Chat window in the bottom of the window (click login, then just write your messages and hit enter) and I will try and be as responsive as I can. Thanks! -Scott, The Host.

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openmicsaustin.ogg @ giss(is not)tv

A celebration of free speech through coverage of poetry open mics in and around Austin, TX, USA.