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Note: This is a braindump, not a TODO, nor a roadmap. Just a loose collection of ideas for future releases of dmmdb.

Video Support

Supported Resolutions

All should be encoded with 1:1 pixel ratio and progressive scan

  • LD: 240p - 320x240 4:3 and 432x240 16:9
  • SD: 480p - 640x480 4:3 and 854x480 16:9
  • HD basic: 720p - 1280×720 16:9 only

Support for 16:9 and HD is a good thing as it is a default feature nowadays in any cheapo camera, phone devices.

Audio Data Rates

  • LD:
  • SD:
  • HD:

Video Data Rates

  • LD:
  • SD:
  • HD:




Always set to 640px of width regardless of content. Which means that:

  • video res is perfect match when it plays SD/480p material (default view)
  • video res is stretched when it plays LD/240p material
  • video res is reduced when it plays HD/720p content.

HD/720p is meant to be played in FS anyway, no need to have a bigger player for the page.

==== Default and Fall-back back-end ===- Only two back-ends are needed to cover almost all situations and simplify maintenance:

  • default is HTML5 <video> tag
  • fall-back is a GPL flash player (flow player is the most advanced but their GPL license is funny)

Development & Community