Servers Configuration

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Master Server

Icecast version: Icecast 2.3-kh18c from:

In master server we use an standard icecast.xml conf adding only this line:


Slaves Servers

Icecast version: Icecast 2.3-kh20a from:

You need to build icecast with libvorbis-dev + libogg-dev + libtheora-dev + libcurl-dev

With this conf each slave server only get one stream till master redirects a client to it.

In each slave server we use an standard icecast.xml conf adding this lines:


and changing this parameters:


the <clients> value depends on your network bandwidth. So aprox:

for 20 mbps bandwidth, to use 160 as max clients is a good choice
for 50 mbps bandwidth, 400
for 100 mbps bandwidth, 800

the same with <sources>

To request the PASSWORDRELAY to add a new slave server, please send a mail to the list stream-ring AT