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free as in speech, free as in cost.

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stream setup :> to use giss for streaming (video &/or audio) you need to create a channel. this is the address that you stream to and where others can receive.


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Get support at gissnetwork _at_ gmail _dot_ com

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giss wiki (about, connecting, how to add your icecast server to the map and much more) -> http://giss.tv/wiki/index.php/Main_Page



Terms Of Use :> giss is a volunteer, non-commercial network created with free software for free media.

when you create a mountpoint in giss you agree to the following terms :

* The media you stream is under copyleft or non-commercial copyright (e.g. creative commons).

* If the media is not copyright free then you must own the copyright of the media, or be authorized to stream by the author/creator.

* No commercial advertising or obviously commercial music ( top 10 ).

* No racism, nationalism, xenophobia, sexism, homophobia, ...

* No religious programs or missionarism...

* We will not accept neither any kind of propaganda : religious, political or sectarian.

Please report any violations of these terms or other problems here : gissnetwork at gmail dot com




If you want to support the giss.tv project, you can participate to its sustainability by helping us covering the costs of hosting and administration :

but WARNING !!

G.I.S.S is not a service or a company.

It cannot be used for any commercial purpose.
See the Terms Of Use for more details.

It is a platform for experimentation and research on free technologies in the era of internet media gently supported by :

and more advocates for the internet without control, surveillance or censorship....