20th of January : They've got a bomb

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20th of January : They've Got A Bomb

'They've Got A Bomb' is an occasion for showing our support to victims of massive and blind bombing on Gaza, and also against the experimentation of new american weapons over disarmed populations. The new nickname of the bomb is DIME : [DIME]

The human race ( there's only one race here, 'arab' or 'african' is not a race ) is able to invent more horrors everyday...

Nazareth, Palestine

Alber Mer'eb (oud) sings Al-Shiekh Imam.

Dirar Kalash (saxophone + electronics) measuring silence with noise.

...and more

Beirut, Lebanon

BAO Trio:
Mazen Kerbaj - trumpet
Sharif Sehnaoui - guitar
Charbel Haber - electric guitar + electronics

and guests.

Barcelona, Spain

A performance night with all benefit for Gaza Strip : [They've Got A Bomb BCN]

21h-24h : actuaciones A/V

  • Segmentation fault!
  • Diego de leon / sonom
  • Mis.fit.bit. + adrikadabri
  • Saxwakuy + m1m0z1nn37
  • d.R.e.G.S. + terminal4

They've got more than one bomb, unfortunately

Valparaiso, Chile

El evento en Valparaíso tendrá lugar el martes 20 desde ESPACIO G en escalera Fischer, pasaje Fischer 25, Valparaíso, desde las 18:00 hrs.

Será un evento simultáneo con Nazareth, Beirouth, Barcelona y Valparaíso.

Desde nuestro lado haremos música y daremos información sobre el problema de la ocupación israeli en palestina.

Programa previsional :

  • Julio Lamilla
  • Espacio G
  • elpueblodechina
  • Erzebeth Bathory
  • Olimac Sagrav
  • Jorge Budrovich
  • Felipe Klaue


Paris, France

The event will take place in the opening of 'Evil Moisture' exposition in the Miroiterie ( 88, rue de Mesnilmontant ) on the 21st.

Previsional Program ::

  • c104 a.k.a. scenophonie [Scenophonie]
  • Super SS ( black humor )
  • Ancient Astronauts ( binaural warfare ) [Ancient Astronauts]
  • Sonic Surgeon
  • Erik Minkkinnen a.k.a. eeek ( remote from Nantes ) [eeek]

Lund, Sweden

Music and poetry with:

Per Thörn, Jakob Riis, Peter Henning& James Brewster, Martin Küchen, Maria Küchen, Åsa Maria Kraft, Andrzej Tichy´, Jonas Holgersson.

20:00 at Kastanjegatan 7, Lund, Sweden

Lisboa, Portugal

Ernesto Rodrigues - viola
Guilherme Rodrigues - cello
Carlos Santos - electronics




Kamal Sabran

Oakland, USA

Porest -debut of porest group
Liz Allbee -solo
Johnson, Phillips & Glenn - trio in concert
Mark Gergis (Sublime Frequencies) DJ setting - spinning uncommon musics from the Middle East

LIVE at the Totally Intense Fractal Mindgaze Hut, 671 24th Street, Apt B, Oakland, CA 94612

Chicago, USA

Fred Lonberg-Holm - cello
Ben Boye - harmonium
Tatsuya Nakatani - percussion

19:30 at Myopic Books
1564 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60622