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GISS Scanner v 1.0.0

This is the first release of the Android Application that lets you scan GISS streams, taking into account the location where you are : from there you can choose to listen to local, regional or global streams :


By default, you get connected to the local streams with a tolerance of 1 degree, which means you can receive streams from a metropole for example.

If you see the message 'No Streams' when you start the application, it might be that there is no stream in your area.

Another possibility is that you are not connected to a network through wifi or 3G.

You can then click on the 'World' zone and you should get the list of all GISS streams.

Note : this application depends on the Android media player, and you need Android > 2.3.3 to reproduce Ogg/VOrbis streams. Mp3 streams will work with previous versions of Android.

Have fun!

Note 2 : this application can be used to detect commercial radios or radios that don't respect our Terms of Use, If you do find annoying radios or video streams, please contact