Development G.I.S.S. Phase 3

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This page documents the development of G.I.S.S. Phase 3, started in May 2008 and which is planned to be finished on November 2008.


This phase of development is supported by the NLnet fundation Nlnet.gif link title

Tasks (state of avancement)

Topology of the network (70%)

Start : May, 1st Deadline : June, 1st

Distributed Multimedia Database System (0%)

Start : May, 1st Deadline : July, 1st

Sa'habuntu Live CD (0%)

Start : May, 1st Deadline : September, 1st

G.I.S.S. Icecast (0%)

Start : June, 1st Deadline : November, 1st

Workshop I (0%)

Start : July, 1st Deadline : September, 1st

Workshop II (0%)

Start : September, 1st Deadline : November, 1st