Distributed Multi-Media DataBase ( dmmdb )

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Context And Goals

This tasks aims at publishing a multimedia database system that would enable each content provider to share his media archive with other G.I.S.S. participants. This media database should be available as a GPL package for most common systems ( debian, ubuntu, ... ) and easy to install on any G.I.S.S. user server.

G.I.S.S. will not provide hosting space, but the package and instructions to set up your own database easily and to connect it to other multi-media archives.


  • supports ogg/theora and flash formats ( optionally )
  • is skinable for each user :

see PCPtv for the creation of a user channel.

  • upload and automatic conversion of video files to Ogg/Theora

and of audio files to Ogg/Vorbis ( or flash respectively )

  • multi-language support
  • search engine
  • voting system ( favorites )
  • annotation/subtitles facility
  • support for playlists
  • and last but not least, RSS support

that adds distributed capability to the publishing system, see on Giss dmmdb an example of friend channels.

CVS version

The CVS version includes the latest developments for the dmmdb :

export CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@giss.tv:/home/cvs
cvs login ( empty passwd )
cvs co dmmdb

then read the installation instructions : INSTALL

Release of an official Release Candidate : dmmdb 2.0 RC1

The version of dmmdb 2.0 is available here ( version 2.0 RC1 ) :


then read the installation instructions : INSTALL

Version 1.0 RC1

The official release of the DMMDB was made on the 18th of October ( version 1.0 RC1 ) :


you can read installation instructions here : INSTALL