Distributed Multimedia Database System Phase 1

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Context And Goals

This tasks aims at publishing a multimedia database system that would enable each content provider to share his media archive with other G.I.S.S. participants. This media database should be available as a GPL package for most common systems ( debian, ubuntu, ... ) and easy to install on any G.I.S.S. user server.

G.I.S.S. will not provide hosting space, but the package and instructions to set up your own database easily and to connect it to other multi-media archives.

Work achieved

Start point

A first version, not usable for giss purposes, has been published in catalan for the internal canal of hangar : Video Canal Hangar

Another one is published here: Video Data Base Artefacte

It has the following features :

  • supports ogg/theora and flash formats
  • is skinable for each user :

see Chevil Canal for the creation of a user channel.

  • upload and conversion of video files

To do

It lacks for now :

  • documentation and installation instructions (lluis)
  • traduction in other languages (lluis)
  • motor de busqueda (lluis)
  • comunication via rss between different installed databases (lluis)
  • support for audio archives
  • playlists