Distributed Multimedia Database System Phase 2

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Context And Goals

Due to the interest of G.I.S.S. users in the mediabase component version 1.0 released previously, as a real alternative to public systems like YouTube or Vimeo, improvements should be made to the actual mediabase version 1.0, to include more features like playlists, favorites, ...

Setting up the next developments

To achieve a number of new features like playlist or annotations, we first had to modify the cortado with two additional functionalities :

  • Access to the timestamp of the video played from javascript :
Cortado = document.getElementById("cortado");
timecode = Cortado.getPlayPosition(); 
  • Call to an external javascript function when the end of the video is reached :
<applet code="com.fluendo.player.Cortado.class" archive="cortado-ovt-debug-giss.jar" height="240" width="320" MAYSCRIPT>
<param name="endCallback" value="nextTrack();"> 

For using these features, you will need to download the [Giss Cortado], which is based on Cortado 0.2.2.

Adding of new blocks and funcionalities

  • Added a block of most viewed videos on the channel, updating the counter through ajax when a video is requested

Migration from version 1.0

If you have installed a version 1.0, you will need to do the following to the database, not to recreate it from scratch :

mysql> alter table media add column viewed int(10) not null default 0;
mysql> insert into blocks values (NULL,'most_viewed','video',2,8,397,100,1,<user id>,NULL);
for users you have created before