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There you can find a technical description of the implementation of the GISS map v2.0

How to register a server

You can get all GISS map source code at sourceforge :

cvs login

( when it asks for a password, type <return> )

cvs -z3 co -P mapuse

In this package, which is all the map component sources, only the script xml.php is needed to configure a server. At the beginning, you need to change the following lines :

# icecast configuration section

        $ihostname = "_ihost_";
              --> change to your icecast server
        $iport = "_iport_";
              --> change to your icecast port number
        $iadmin = "_iuser_";
              --> change to your icecast admin account
        $ipassword = "_ipassword_";
              --> change to your icecast admin password

# end icecast configuration section

# gollum database configuration section

              --> change to your icecast server


$gdbPass="_password_"; ==

# end gollum database configuration section

              --> come to, channel #giss  to get these informations

Once this script has been modified, you need to put it in your crontab configuration file like this :

#m h dom mon dow user command

* * * * * root <path>/php <path>/xml.php

Then send a mail to stream-ring [at] poliforma [dot] org with a description of the new server + its ip, hostname and localisation.

And join the streaming party ...

for doubts or more connect to :, channel #giss

Giss Map Implementation