Streaming Tools

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This pages covers some tests with current streaming tools, advices and howtos :

Audio Streaming

Linux :

Easiest tool : MuSE MuSE ( not to be confused with the muse midi sequencer )

On Ubuntu or Debian, don't search in apt-get, but instead, install the package from this link : [ MuSe.deb]

Other tool : puredata extended with the following patches :

first install a pd extended for your system from [Pd-extended]

streaming in ogg format : Pdogg

streaming in mp3s format : Pdmp3

Download these files ( the patches ) with a right click and 'Save as..', open them in pd-extended

Video Streaming / Digital Camera ( input through firewire/ieee1394 )

Linux :

Recommended tool : Theora Streaming Studio TSS

There is a debian package for Ubuntu Feisty here : [ TSS.deb(feisty fawn) ]