Dmmdb component for Joomla! (com dmmdb)

From Giss

This component to integrate the contents of the Multi-media database ( dmmdb ) into a CMS publication system like Joomla! is supported and beta-tested by

Dmmdb component for Joomla! : com_dmmdb 2.2.0

  • Added a minimal aspect parameter just to show the strips of videos.

The new component is available here : com_dmmdb-2.2.0

Dmmdb component for Joomla! : com_dmmdb 2.1.0

After a phase of testing, a few fixes have been made to the component :

  • Implement retries on ajax requests to prevent time-out or network errors.
  • Rewrite the search mechanism.

The new component is available here : com_dmmdb-2.1.0

to use it, use the instructions for previous version below.

Dmmdb component for Joomla! : com_dmmdb 2.0.1

Once you have installed a dmmdb version 2.1.0, you can include its contents in Joomla! using the Joomla dmmdb component :


download this component and install it in your Joomla using the administration interface ( extensions->install ). then, you can create a component, e.g. a dmmddb page in your Joomla!

creating a component with the following parameters :

  • List of channels or 'all' for all channels : a list of channels you want to see ( ex: giss, telenoika )
  • Maximum number of channels : in the case you want to see 'all' limit the number of visible channels, the nth ultimate channels will appear
  • Width : width of the component
  • Number of videos per menu : number of accessible videos at once
  • Show videos in a pop-up window : pop-up a modal window to play videos
  • Show search window : show search window
  • Show Latest Videos : show latest videos ( default=yes )
  • Show comments on media : show comments
  • Show most viewed : show most viewed
  • Show favorites : show favorites
  • Show categories : show categories
  • Show videos of the same author : show videos by the same author
  • Show videos in the same category : show videos of the same category
  • Show videos with the same keywords : show videos with the same keywords
  • Show playlists : show playlists
  • Show friend channels : show friend channels
  • Show latest media on friend channels : show latest videos on friend channels
  • Text Color : text color
  • Background Color : background color
  • Tip Text Color : tip text color
  • Tip Background Color : tip background color
  • Link Color : link color

You can have an idea of what can be obtained looking at this example :

Telenoika with

( go to 'canal' )

Thanks to Telenoika for supporting this development.